Friday, February 19, 2010


Updating this from Napier is going to be tricky because I'm limited to coin-op internet kiosks, which are expensive and usually block access to this site when they pick up the word "fisting" in this post. I'm starting work on Monday--not sure if fruit is coming in yet, so not sure if it's going to be a smooth or brutal transition to doin' it in a big winery. Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused. You are not afraid of the Merlot, the Merlot is afraid of you.

Recent Notables:
  • Kilkenny: Not exactly Guinness Lite, but a similar soft mouthfeel and subtle bitterness. Cream ales are OK by me if they usually taste like this.
  • Speight's Golden Lager: Somewhere between a crappy American adjunct-infested pilsner and the real thing from Deutschland, this is a good thirst-quencher but not worth the NZ$7 it costs in bars here.
  • Macs Sassy Red Ale: I don't get why this is billed as a bitter--it's vigorously but elegantly carbonated, very clear, and has intense aroma hopping reminiscent of good IPA's back home. This is probably my go-to beer for the next couple of months.

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